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Alisha a Dream Escort in Goa
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The Way I Made Merry With an Independent Goa Escorts

I, Rajeev Desai, aged 27 years, belong to Ahmedabad, a city in Gujarat. I have my diamond business and lead a happy and prosperous life. Through my friends I came to know about Goa escorts. They would often talk about these romantic partners, saying that they provide wonderful services to the men.  Knowing this thing, my curiosity also increased and I felt interested in hiring one of them. Luckily that day came when I had a chance to go to Goa regarding my business deal. There, I enjoyed with one of the escorts to my heart’s content. Read this blog thoroughly to know all about my pleasurable experience.

How did I get the complete information about escorts in Goa and whom did I choose?

After reaching Goa, I had no such idea about its hotels and thoroughfares. After deboarding at the railway station, I hired a taxi and asked the driver to take to one of the best hotels that provide all the facilities. As per my advice, he took me to a five-star hotel. I went inside and rented a room for a week. The room was equipped with all the modern facilities—Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, laptop etc. After taking my lunch, I hopped into the bed and enjoyed my nap. In the evening, I heard a gentle knocking at the door. I got up and opened the door. I saw a waiter holding a cup of tea in his hands. He sought my permission to come in and I gave my consent. When he had left my room, soon an idea about Goa escorts services came into my mind. As laptop was kept inside my room with internet, I soon started surfing on it. While doing so, I came across many online portals of the escorts. There was complete information about them, including their contact numbers, charges, and the type of services. Among many escorts, I chose one of them, whose name was Komal Jindal. I soon contacted her to fix my appointment with her. I told her the address of the hotel where I was staying and she gave her consent to come. 

My lovemaking moment with the escort

It was 9 O’clock in the night, when she came to hotel in her car. I was desperately hoping for her footsteps. When she entered my room, there was no extent of my happiness. The beauty and fragrance of her body maddened me so much that I went made with her. In order to make me feel easy, she started giving her introduction to me, “I am one of the most hired independent Goa escorts and provide my services behind curtains.” Having said this, she started getting closer to me and the intensity of palpitation of my heart went on increasing. First, she gave me a deep French kiss and later started providing other sex positions—the fantastic rocking horse, the Catherine wheel, the glowing triangle, the X-rated, the Nirvana etc. She provided all these services with so much deftness to me that there was no harm to me and I kept on enjoying them. The next morning, when we got up we both were very happy. Now, it was time for her to go. So, she went out, saying goodbye to me.

Briefly, escorts in Goa are really fantastic companions. They do spend quality time with men to remove aloofness and loneliness from their lives. I am very happy with the way I made merry with one of them. I remember her as my good friend and do not stop praising her. Whenever I feel distressed, I visit her for my lovemaking services.

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