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Life is Difficult But Not Without Love And Fun

Vivek is a handsome buy who is passing through miserable condition. 5 years ago he had relationship with Monika and later this love life received the marital status. But his wife wants divorce. He loves his wife very much and don't want to divorce her. But Monika wants divorce. He just fails to understand the reason why his wife wants divorce. They were leading a happy life but slowly-slowly their relationship was breaking down and after their second anniversary their relationship turns worst. Ferocious and greedy Monika decided to divorce her husband. But he tried his level best to improve his relationship as he love his wife very much. He tried till the last moment but he attempt with failure and left alone.

Vivek belongs to a rich family and become an engineer and started his own firm in Goa which is very close to his house. He was good at his job as well as in personal life. But later he realise that Monika came to him for money and property. But as he got married to Monika his family expelled him from his house. He had to leave his family for his love but poor Vivek has left by his wife.

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Vivek fail to survive without his love and to come out of the situation he left with the only option i.e call girl. The Goa call girls play a great role in his life. His friend Ashutosh, office colleague and business partner help him in getting all the information regarding the escort services.

Ashutosh make aware of the good side of the escort services. He let him know that isn't not as bad we think about this. To get mental relief Vivek with help of Ashutosh reached the escort organization in Goa in hunt of the young call girls. The organisation too helps him in getting the call girls who could satisfy him and reduce his pain by showing some profile of the hot and sexy call girls. The organization additionally ensured him that they keep up the security and the solace of the customers. Secrecy is the main part of their business morals. He has chosen the most delightful girl among the rundown of Goa call young ladies.

Spending a good time with call girls

No one can fill up the pain when a heart breaks by losing the true love. Not only losing he has been betrayed by Monika which really break him. He was in need of a companion who can listen and console his sole for some time. He chooses a beautiful girl from the agency and spends some time with him and then he realizes that life is not yet end.

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